When does your season start and end?

The boat season for River Run Tours runs from late May to mid October. For exact dates, please call us at 207.504.2628


I get motion sickness easily. Do I need to worry about going on a River Run Tour?

Generally speaking, even those who are particularly sensitive to motion sickness do not have an issue. Our tri hull pontoon boats are known for their stability and comfort!


My friend and I would like to take a tour. How much is it for just the two of us?

River Run charges by the boat hour. The cost is the same if you are looking for an outing for 2 people or a family/group of 6.


You have so many tours to offer, which one do you recommend for me?

Give us a call! We’re happy to talk with you and plan your River Run Tour!


We have more than 6 people in our group. What do we do?

This is not a problem!!! We can use additional boats/captains to accommodate larger groups! Our boats can take up to 6 passengers.


Is there a bathroom on your boat?

The deck includes a privacy enclosure with head (toilet). There is also a public bathroom for use at our usual pick up/drop off location.


I don’t see a time table, when do your tours start and end?

Our tours are designed to fit your schedule! We do our very best to accommodate day and time requests on a first come, first served basis.


I’d like to book ahead of time to reserve a specific day and time, but I’m worried that the weather will be an issue. Do you have a refund policy?

River Run Tours wants you to enjoy your time on the water. If the weather is miserable or deemed unsafe by the captain at the time of your tour, you get a full refund. In fact, if you decide to cancel your trip with us for any reason, you are refunded 100% of your deposit with 48 hours prior notice.