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“Private Charter” Vs. “Head Boat”

At River Run Tours we understand you are faced with many choices.  We are a Private Charter Company for up to 6 passengers, and we want you to understand the value and benefits this brings.

“Private Charter” means your group hires the Boat and Captain, to go and do what you want on the water.  You make a reservation in advance, and pay a deposit for a day and time convenient to your group.  Many charters will start with one plan, but when we get out on the water, you may see a Restaurant or a shop that you want to visit, so we stop and visit.  Or you may decide due to the cooler temp to go up river rather than to the ocean.  We can customize your experience on the fly.  No Canned Presentation from a PA or Loudspeaker.  Just a dedicated locally born Captain attending to your needs. Private Charter Boats are generally more plush and comfortable, and room to move around.  Price is $120.00 per hour for up to 6 passengers.  Sometimes I am able to group together 2 -3 couples to split the cost.  If you want a private boat for two there is a discount for that available.

“Head Boat Tour” means that you buy tickets for seats on a larger boat that runs on a set schedule and a planned tour.  These boats generally seat from 16-60 Passengers, and will feature Captains and Crew with varying knowledge of the area speaking to you over a loud speaker telling you what you are passing.  These types of Tour Boats are most affordable for Singles and Couples.  Generally Price Range is $18-$25 PP/PH.

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